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Nature and Sport

There are plenty of opportunities for who prefers a stay dedicated to nature, sport and relax.
Please find below a lists of short trips:
Iseo Lake and Monte Isola
Placed between Brescia and Bergamo shores, this is a suggestive location which offers various opportunities for a tourist who appreaciates nature, sport and sailing. The lake hosts Monte Isola (also called Montisola), the biggest lake island in Italy and the tallest in Europe. The lake also hosts two small islands Loreto and San Paolo. Cars are not allowed in Montisola and the only way to visit it is by bycicle, by bus and on foot. Sanctuary of Ceriola rises at the top of the island, where you can enjoy the unique panoramic view.
Moro Lake
Small but suggestive alpine lake, it is sorrounded by woods and overlooking mountains. It is based between Darfo Boario Terme and Angolo Terme and offers opportunities for sport and relax at 381 metres above sea level. The lake has glacial origins and has no emissaries nor inflows, it is fed by sub lacustrine springs. A footpath sorrounds the intire lake.
Endine Lake
The pond, based in the near Cavallina Valley, has maintained its natural environment. You can practice water sports (surf, windsurf, kayak and rowing), fishing, cycling and mountain bike. At winter time, when temperature drops, the lake surface can entirely freeze, offering a wonderful scenery from various shores.

Oglio river Cycle path
This cycle path is 282 km long, 60% of which is made of tarmac and 40% is unpaved. It allows to cycle through Camonica Valley until Franciacorta, connecting with slopes in Trentino (North East) and with slopes in Valtellina e Switzerland (North West). Every railways station is provided by Trenord service where you can carry your bike on the train.
Valerian Road
This is an ancient path which travels through the intire Camonica Valley, probably built by general Gaio Publio Licinio Valeriano who needed a quick connection for his troops. Others believe that this road, is backdated to the medieval age and that its name come from “Vallesiana” as known as “road of the valley”. The path is divided in stops overs, each one with different features. For simple hikers.
Nature reserve of pyramids in Zone
Overlooking Iseo Lake, these conic shaped pyramids are protected by big stones at the top, which prevent from erosion caused by rain. They are natural sculptures transformed in the centuries and visitable through sign posted itineraries. They have been called many names, “chimneys of the fairies” or “stone fairies” or “pyramids of erosion”.

The Cold Valley
Also known as “Devil Valley”, it features a real exception for its exceptional micro climate. This regional natural Reserve, based at only 360 m. over sea level, offers a wide variety of flora only found above 1500 m above sea level, thank to very low temperatures air corrents coming out from the ground. For simple hikers.
High Adamello Road – Path 1
This is the main itinerary of Camonica Valley crossing magnificent and wild territories, known for their environment and landscape features. The stop over route can also be considered for a one day simple trip. For expert hikers only.

Gleno dam
This is an escursion rish of history, in the near Scalve Valley. The walk around the dam (1.524 m over sea level), unites the beauty of nature and landascape to the memory of the tragedy following the fall of the dam on 1st December 1923. There are 2 paths: CAI 411 path from Pianezza or climbing from Bueggio with CAI path 410.

Thermal baths in Boario
The famous thermal baths have therapeutic features known since antient times. They offer many prevention treatments, cure and riabilitation. In some occasions they are agreed upon "National Health Service" (SSN).
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